We see opportunity everywhere we work. 

A majority of our staff come from the communities we have supported. Out team covers a diverse range of professional backgrounds; from diplomacy, humanitarian, development and the military, to the UN, civil society groups, multilateral organisations, journalism and the private sector.

They bring sectoral expertise in civil society development, good governance, protection, migration, gender and security and justice, as well as practical experience in programme design, organisational development and management, research, needs assessments, donor coordination, human rights, evaluation, communications and capacity building. The multi-disciplinary and multi-national nature of our team means the research we undertake and the programmes we deliver provide clear insight and measurable impact.

Our team:

Alistair Harris

CEO & Founder ARK Group DMCC

Having spent 20 years working in conflict zones from Northern Ireland and the Balkans to Afghanistan, the West Bank and Lebanon, Alistair established ARK to respond to crises in a way that reconciles the needs of local communities with the concerns of ARK’s predominantly governmental clients. Having worked on the ground as a war crimes investigator specialising in the identification and detention of fugitives from justice, he has committed himself to partnering with local communities and international actors to reduce the impact of violent conflict, instability and extremism.

Firas Budeiri

MENA Operations Manager

Firas has worked across the Middle East and Africa for the past twenty years, implementing projects related to conflict, security, stabilization and peacebuilding. He brings a detailed knowledge of humanitarian programming to ARK’s stabilization activities and local partnering approach.

Sarah Tosh

Head of Business Development

Sarah heads up ARK’s Business, Innovation, Design and Strategy team. For the past 15 years, she has focused on innovative ways to solve enduring problems. She works with ARK’s programme teams, partners and clients to design effective, sustainable projects and incubate new ideas originating with local communities. She worked across ARK’s programming before taking this role, having previously held roles in research and project management for think tanks and in the commercial sector.

Nizar Laz

Nizar initially received training and capacity building through ARK’s programming in the Palestinian Camps in Lebanon. Nizar now runs all of ARK’s programming in Lebanon and epitomises ARK’s commitment to growing its teams from the communities it works in.

Veera Enlund

Veera oversees ARK’s corporate services, ensuring that all of ARK’s programming is fully compliant with donor requirements, and providing capacity building support to ARK’s local partners and staff. With experience ranging from US Federal to EC grant administration, she has previously worked for Finland’s Crisis Management Centre and UNOPS.

AnnaSophia Gallagher

AnnaSophia leads ARK’s Design, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (DMEL) team, tracking the outcomes and impact of all of ARK’s programming and working with local partners to develop their own M&E capacity. She has worked across Africa and the Middle East and specialises in delivering M&E in remote programming environments in fragile and conflict-affected states.