Recent distressing reports have confirmed how essential it is that we collectively focus on our responsibilities to vulnerable individuals in conflict-affected and unstable communities, as outlined yesterday by DFID Minister Penny Mordaunt at the #SafeguardingSummit. We have a written safeguarding policy in place that all staff and subcontracted partners must adhere here (and sign to confirm they understand and are accountable for their actions). 

We are very fortunate to have committed, competent and compassionate individuals working for us. Duty of care to our staff and partners is a central tenet of our approach to working in challenging environments. We will shortly be running a bespoke Hostile Environment Training in Jordan for our people as well as undertaking a commercial search for physical security providers to support our international and national staff in delivering projects and programmes that promote development, stability and better outcomes for local communities.  

Alistair Harris CEO, ARK



Dom Spiers