Nothing is impossible

Ahmad al-Issawi, a 38-year-old Palestinian refugee from Burj al-Barajneh Camp, lost an arm as a boy during the 1982 Lebanon War. In spite of his loss, Ahmad has managed to master billiards with one arm and progressively improve his exceptional playing skills. Ahmad's strategy is to place his leg on the table to support the stick. He says: “I would add to the Chinese saying, ‘You cannot clap with one hand alone’--you can win championships, and make others clap for you.” His determination has earned him the respect of the community. Through his self-supported participation in national and regional tournaments, Ahmad won first place in the 2016 Palestinian Billiards Championship.

With the support of the Palestinian Youth Project (PYP), Majido Cultural Club in Burj al-Barajneh was fully renovated and equipped to host sports activities and community meetings for PRL, PRS, and Lebanese community members. Ahmad has happily accepted the Club's job opportunity as youth Billiards Coach, given that “the sectors in which I can work are limited and it ensures me a good income for my family and children."

Dom SpiersComment