Welcome to ARK.

We are a stabilisation and development company, combining a global outlook with community-level engagement and innovative approaches to generate opportunity and sustainable positive social change. 

Specialising in complex and challenging environments, we provide policy-relevant insights and deliver cost-effective, impactful programming in support of the following UN Sustainable Development Goals – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, Reduced Inequalities, Gender Equality and Partnerships for the Goals.

Our Process:

INCUBATE: We support and develop ideas from our staff, partners and local communities, helping them grow into sustainable projects with measurable, positive social impact. 

INNOVATE: The challenging environments we work in mean there are no ready-made solutions for the problems communities face. From process innovation to leveraging technology and public-private partnerships, we think creatively to find the most appropriate, feasible, cost-effective solutions.

IMPACT: We monitor and track the impact of projects long after completion. In the Palestinian Camps in Lebanon, projects we supported over the past decade have grown to provide incomes for 1000s of people. Vulnerable and marginalised young people we have mentored have grown into leaders in their communities.

Who we work with:

ARK has been awarded cooperative agreements, grants and contracts by the following clients:

  • European Union (Instrument for Stability)

  • Government of Canada, Global Affairs Canada

  • Government of Denmark, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Government of Italy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

  • UK Department for International Development, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Ministry of Defence (through the UK Conflict Pool and Conflict Stability and Security Fund)

  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

  • US Department of State, Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations (CSO)

Values & Goals:

We work to help realise the legitimate political, social and economic aspirations of conflict-affected communities. Our activities are based on a fundamental belief that the conflict mitigation and stabilisation goals of our clients are intrinsically linked to the human security and development needs of the communities we support.

Our principal concern is the shared nature of our challenges, and their solutions. As such, we are committed to enduring partnerships with local communities based on relationships of trust, the cornerstone of effective, sustainable delivery.


We work with local communities to develop projects that create greater stability, opportunity and hope for the future in times of deep insecurity and uncertainty. 

We ensure gender and conflict sensitivity in all of our work. We engage in dialogue with local communities to understand the context and prioritise their needs, then we help design effective responses to the challenges they are facing. Our projects are designed and delivered transparently, responsibly and competently. We monitor progress, adapt our programmatic responses and evaluate the effectiveness of our programmes to ensure we learn as we go and that that we remain accountable to our clients and the communities and individuals we work with. 

A community that has rule of law, social cohesion, community resilience, economic opportunity and legitimate, representative and competent governance structures is one that contributes to local, national, regional and international development and stability.

ARK's projects worldwide:

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